NiMark® 250

UNS #K92890

NiMark® 250 is a low-carbon, nickel-cobalt-molybdenum high-temperature alloy capable of attaining yield strengths in excess of 240 ksi (1655 MPa) through a simple, low temperature heat treatment. It exhibits good ductility at high strength levels and is readily welded. NiMark® 250 is one of a family of "maraging" nickel steels which is martensitic yet ductile in the solution treated condition and attains ultra-high tensile strength by aging at temperatures in the range of 850/950°F (454/510°C).

Type Analysis

  • Carbon (Maximum) 0.03
  • Phosphorus (Maximum) 0.01
  • Silicon (Maximum) 0.1
  • Nickel (Nominal) 18.5
  • Titanium (Nominal) 0.4
  • Manganese (Maximum) 0.1
  • Sulfur (Maximum) 0.01
  • Cobalt (Nominal) 7.5
  • Molybdenum (Nominal) 4.85
  • Iron (Nominal) Balance
  • Calcium (Nominal) 0.05
  • Aluminum (Nominal) 0.1
  • Boron (Nominal) 0.003
  • Zirconium (Nominal) 0.03


fasteners, landing gear, actuators, ordnance, shafts, structural components, Structural tubing, bearing components

Applicable Specifications

  • AMS 6521
  • MIL-S-46850




Weld Wire



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