Ti 6Al-4V

UNS #R56400

Ti 6Al-4V offers a combination of high strength, light weight, formability and corrosion resistance which have made it the most commonly used titanium alloy. It is an alpha+beta alloy that is heat treatable to achieve moderate increases in strength and is recommended for use at service temperatures up to approximately 660°F (350°C). Ti 6Al-4V may be considered in any application where a combination of high strength at low to moderate temperatures, light weight and excellent corrosion resistance are required.

Type Analysis

  • Carbon (Maximum) 0.1
  • Titanium (Nominal) Balance
  • Iron (Nominal) 0.4
  • Aluminum (Nominal) 5.50-6.75
  • Nitrogen (Maximum) 0.05
  • Hydrogen (Maximum) 0.015
  • Oxygen (Maximum) 0.02
  • Vanadium (Nominal) 3.50-4.50


Aircraft turbine engine components, aircraft structural components, aerospace fasteners, high-performance automotive parts, marine applications, medical devices, and sports equipment.

Applicable Specifications

  • A5.16 (ERTi-5) (Weld Wire)
  • AMS 4905 (Plate Annealed)
  • AMS 4930 (Bar Wire Forgings Billet Annealed)
  • AMS 4956 (Weld Filler Metal Wire)
  • AMS 4998 (Powder)
  • ASTM F620 (Forgings for Surgical Implants)
  • AMS 4907 (Sheet Strip Plate Annealed)
  • AMS 4931 (Bar Wire Forgings Billet)
  • AMS 4996 (Billet)
  • ASTM F136 (Wrought Alloy for Surgical Implants)
  • AWS A5.16-70 (Weld Filler Metal Wire and Rod)





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