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Alloy Selection

Carpenter has been manufacturing, developing and improving stainless steels and specialty alloys since the 1920s. Refer to these general guidelines about alloy selection and manufacturing from Carpenter technical staff.


Alloy Selection

Guide to Selecting - In this book, select from stainless steels, superior corrosion-resistant alloys, high-temperature alloys, magnetic and controlled-expansion alloys, tool and die steels and many other special purpose grades.

The Carpenter Selectaloy® Method: Simplifying Stainless Alloy Selection - A useful selection system for users of stainless alloys.

Selecting New Stainless Steels for Unique Applications

Stainless Steel Blue Book



Selection of High Strength Stainless Steels for Aerospace, Military and Other Critical Applications



Selecting High Temperature Alloys for Fasteners in Automotive Exhaust Systems 

A Designer's Manual on Specialty Alloys for Critical Automotive Components



Selecting Stainless Steels for Bio-Pharmaceutical Service


Consumer Products

 An Evaluation of Alloys for Golf Club Face Plates


Alloy Characterisitics or Applications

Selecting Stainless Steels for Valves

Selecting Alloys for Severely Corrosive Environments

Toughness Index for Alloy Comparisons

Selection of Age-Hardenable Superalloys

A Guide for Selecting Ferrous Alloys, Tungsten Carbides and Ceramics for Tooling

Selecting Controlled Expansion Alloys

A Simplified Method of Selecting Soft Magnetic Alloys

Heading and Cold Forming

How to Select the Right Stainless Steel or High Temperature Alloy for Heading

Alloy Selection for Cold Forming (part 1)

Alloy Selection for Cold Forming (part 2)

Alloy Selection, Heat Treating and Maintaining Cold Work Tooling

Engineering University Research Study Simplifies Selection of Coatings for Cold Heading





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