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Technical Articles


Requirements for Ferrous-Base Aerospace Alloys



Testing of 20Mo-6 HS® Stainless to High Pressure and High Temp Simulated Oil and Gas Well Environment

Solving Nuclear Storage Issues with Powder Alloys



CarTech BioDur CCM Alloy: Higher Performance Material Solutions for a Dynamic Spine Market

CarTech BioDur CCM Alloy: Benefits of PM Processed Cobalt-Based Alloy for Orthopedic Medical Implants

Properties of an Essentially Nickel-Free Stainless Alloy for Medical Implants

Improved Stainless Steels for Medical Instrument Tubing

Unique Properties Required of Alloys for the Medical and Dental Products Industry

Specialty Alloys and Titanium Shapes to Consider for Latests Medical Materials Requirements


Consumer Products

Blade Alloys 101: What You Need to Know About the Alloys Used for Knife Blades

Retail Theft Detection Devices and the Alloys That Make Them Work

An Evaluation of Alloys for Golf Club Face Plates

One of the Worlds Most Powerful Revolvers get Lift From Aerospace Alloys

Aerospace Alloy Has Been A Huge Success in Golf Club Design



Specialty Alloys Key to Many Automotive Advances



Improving Tomorrow's Infrastructure: Extending the Life of Concrete Structures with Solid Stainless Steel Reinforcing Bar

Stainless Steel Rebar for Concrete Reinforcement: An Update and Selection Guide


Alloy Characteristics

Matching Glass and Metal Thermal Expansion Rates Key to Accuracy of World's Largest Telescope

Trends in High Temperature Alloys



Corrosion Control 

New Torrington Airframe Control Bearings Offer Improved Corrosion Resistance and Longer Life

New Stainless Hand Tools Have High Strength, Toughness for Service in Corrosive or Clean Room Environments

New PH Stainless Combines high Strength, Fracture Toughness and Corrosion Resistance


High-Temperature, High Strength

Trends in High-Temperature Alloys

CarTech Custom 465: Advanced Stainless Offers High Strength, Toughness and Corrosion Resistance Wherever Needed



High Strength and High Induction Co27-Fe-CO.23 Soft Magnetic Alloy for Forge Application

Magnetic Properties of Stainless Steels

Soft Magnetic, Ferritic Stainless Steels for Electomechanical Devices

Soft Magnetic Alloys with Improved Corrosion Resistance

Magnetic Properties of Stainless Steels



Minimizing Contamination in Gas Atomized Metal Powders

A Clean Ti Part 1: A Gas Atomization Primer

A Clean Ti Part 2: Quality Assurance for Gas-Atomized Powders

A Clean Ti Part 3: Iron Pickup Risk in Ti powder

A Clean Ti Part 4: 5 Questions to Ensure a High-Quality Metal Powder Supply

6 Questions to Ask Your Titanium Powder Supplier

Porous Metallic Tooling May Improve the Productivity and Quality of Injection Molded Plastic Parts

CarTech BioDur CCM Alloy: Benefits of PM Processed Cobalt-Based Alloy for Orthopedic Medical Implants

Powder Metal Die Steel for Cold Work Tooling Applications

Powder Metal Alloy Bridges Gap Between High Speed Steel and Tungsten Carbide

Solving Nuclear Storage Issues with Powder Alloys


Product Solutions

Custom 465® Stainless Sees Increased Use in a Wide Array of New and Existing Applications

Carpenter 286-LNi Alloy - A Lower Cost Option for High Temperature Auto and Truck Fasteners

Trinamet Stainless for Fasteners Combines Corrosion Resistance, High Hardness and Cold Formability

Beryllium-Free Alloy for High-Load Bushing and Bearing Applications

Shock Resistant Cold Work Die Steel Combines Toughness and Wear Resistance

Development of Type 204 CU Stainless, A Low - Cost Alternate to Type 304

New Drop-In Version of 15CR-5NI Alloy Offers Superior Machinability, Meets AMS Specs

Development of Chrome Core® 13FM Stainless - A Soft Magnetic Stainless Steel

New Stainless Steel for Instruments Combines High Strength and Toughness

After 100 Years, The Uses for Invar Continue to Multiply

Invar Alloy - There's Profit to be Made in Machining this Popular, High Tech Material

Invar Alloy Resonator Support Structure Maintains Pinpoint Accuracy in Lasar Technology



Steels for Strength and Machinability (Project 70+ and Custom 465 stainless)



Complex Shapes, Simple Solution

New Alloys for Automotive Exhaust System Offer Lower Cost or Improved Performance

Alloy Variation Solves Metal Flow Problem in Staking Components from Emission Controls

Coated Tools of High Strength, High Tough Steel Produce up to 100 Times More Powder Metal Parts

Specialty Alloy with Key Properties for Processes and Applications in Various Industries





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