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Environment, Health and Safety

Carpenter Safety Vision:
Above all else, the safety of all employees is Carpenter’s top priority.  It is the shared responsibility of every employee to actively participate in all aspects of the safety program and lead the Company on its path to zero injuries through:

  • Dedicated leadership, accountability, and employee empowerment
  • Continual improvement plans (Plan-Do-Check-Act)
  • Tools, resources, and education to improve total workplace safety and health
  • A skilled, technology-driven workforce that  proactively assesses risks, strives to eliminate hazards, and integrates learnings from incidents and near-misses to prevent further occurrences.

Carpenter Safety Values:

  • No job or task is too important that we will not take the time to do it safely.
  • Safety just isn’t a corporate duty, it’s my personal responsibility.
  • We will challenge everything and leave nothing to chance because we believe every incident and injury can be prevented.
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