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AmegaVIBE Vibration Tool

Experience Faster, More Controlled Directional Drilling with the AmegaVIBE® Extended Reach Vibration Tool

AmegaVIBE vibration tool, from Amega West, is an extended reach drilling vibration tool capable of dramatically improving oil and gas drilling companies’ directional drilling efforts by overcoming the challenges associated with drill pipe compression and friction forces that can negatively affect drill string dynamics and bottom hole assembly (BHA) performance.

By imparting high energy, low impact excitation to the drill string and BHA, the AmegaVIBE reduces friction, improves bit weight transfer, and eliminates weight stacking. The axial oscillating motion results in lessening stick slip—especially with positive displacement mud motors (PDM)—as well as greater toolface control and improved rate of penetration (ROP) in all sliding and rotary drilling applications.

Expertly Engineered for Superior Performance

AmegaVIBE’s three-part construction (pressure absorption module, power module, and pulse module) offers designed-in strength, durability, and compatibility, which makes it an extremely popular choice among several of the world’s leading oil and gas drilling companies.

As the drilling fluid is pumped through the AmegaVIBE tool, a proprietary valve mechanism intermittently increases pressure within the system. In turn, the pressure absorption module’s internal mandrel extends and retracts to create axial movement that excites the drill string and BHA resulting in greater ROP, toolface control, and bit longevity.


Features, Advantages, and Benefits

Every day, operators, drilling engineers, and rig personnel rely on the AmegaVIBE’s demonstrated capabilities to improve their extended reach drilling operations and access distant reservoirs in a faster, safer, and more cost-effective manner.

The AmegaVIBE system offers proven performance and reliability under the most demanding downhole conditions, resulting in the following benefits:

  • Improving weight transfer by reducing assembly friction.
  • Enhancing tool face control.
  • Reducing stick slip vibration and drill string buckling.
  • Increasing sliding ROP.
  • Compatible with all MWD / LWD systems.
  • Reducing lateral and torsional vibration.
  • No impact to bit and tubulars.
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Testing and Quality Assurance 

Amega West and Carpenter Technology facilities are regulated in accordance with the latest requirements and operating process procedures set forth by various international, federal, and industry quality management systems.

Access and download Amega West and Carpenter Technology’s quality certifications.


AmegaVIBE Vibration Tool

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