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Non-Magnetic Alloys

Non-Magnetic, Corrosion Resistant Alloy Steels for Oil and Gas Drilling and Exploration

For oil and gas drilling applications, a heavy emphasis is often placed on the use of high performance, non-magnetic steels. Due to the lack of magnetic inclusions within the alloy microstructure, these materials are ideal for preventing interference with sensitive magnetometers and other specialized electronic measuring equipment found in directional drilling operations.

As a Carpenter Company, Amega West customers receive the unique benefit of accessibility to some of the world’s most advanced specialty alloy production facilities and a diverse portfolio of CarTech® non-magnetic alloy steels that can provide improved corrosion resistance, strength, and toughness for drilling and exploration challenges.

High-Quality CarTech Non-Magnetic Alloys

Non-magnetic alloy steels deliver a unique set of physical, chemical, and mechanical properties required by the world’s leading oil and gas drilling companies. With varying amounts of Chromium, Molybdenum, Manganese, Nitrogen, and Nickel, these materials—such as CarTech 15-15LC® Modified, CarTech 15-15HS® Max , CarTech SCF 19® Max, CarTech SCF 260™—can be worked to better withstand the downhole effects of corrosion, pressure, stress, and temperature.

Strength ClassAlloySize (in.)YS (ksi)TS (ksi)EI (%)RA (%)


CarTech® 15-15LC® Modified

4 to 6.875





7 to 12






CarTech® 15-15HS® Max

3.5 to 10





CarTech® SCF 19® Max

CarTech® SCF 260™

Compressive ID Treatment

Carpenter offers a propriety compressive ID treatment that enhances the alloy material’s resistance to stress corrosion cracking. The treatment imparts a consistent compressive stress layer, both circumferentially and axially, through the entire length of the non-magnetic collar.

Non-Magnetic Drilling and Downhole Tools 

Amega West uses high-quality CarTech® non-magnetic alloy steels for the manufacture of its non-magnetic drill collars, stabilizers, subs, and MWD/LWD collars and housings. All our non-magnetic drilling equipment and downhole tools are engineered to meet or exceed applicable API standards and customer provided specifications for superior resistance to stress corrosion cracking and exhibit enhanced magnetic permeability.

Non-magnetic Drill Collars:

  • Flex, Slick, and Pony

Non-magnetic Stabilizers:

  • Welded and Integral Blade
  • String and Near Bit
  • Spiral and Nortrac Types

Non-magnetic Subs:

  • Rotary/Saver, Crossover, Lift, Float, Bit and Muleshoe

MWD/LWD Collars / Housings

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Carpenter Technology Non-magnetic Drilling Alloys

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