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Hot Isostatic Pressing and Near Net Shapes

Superior Metal Powders for Hot Isostatic Pressing of Near Net Shapes

Carpenter Powder Products (CPP) is a global leader in the manufacture of iron-, nickel-, and cobalt-based powder for near net shapes (NNS) produced by hot isostatic pressing (HIP). This powder metallurgy fabricating process simultaneously applies elevated temperatures and pressures within an autoclave to achieve fully dense materials.

The HIP process is capable of producing large, irregular-shaped components from a wide variety of metal powder materials, including specialty alloys, stainless steels, and titanium. Finished near net shapes have mechanical properties equal or superior to those manufactured from traditional casting, forging, and wrought production methods. Reduction of the number of welds through the NNS technology is an advantage. 

Additionally, hot isostatic pressing allows for the creation of bi-metallic forms. This is commonly practiced in mill environments, in which a tougher metal powder is applied to the wear surfaces of rollers—providing a dramatic increase in roll life with a nominal in crease in cost as only the outer layer is composed of the more expensive alloy. Similar bi-metallic forms are also produced with heat and/or corrosion resistant alloys.

HIP consolidated powder can also be supplied in billet form for forging or rolling into bar, or as semi-finished shapes that can be machined into monolithic or composite components.

CPP's world-class metal powders offer a superior homogenous, fine, and super clean microstructure, which give HIP-produced near net shapes a high degree of isotropic (uniformity in all directions) mechanical characteristics along with a number of other benefits over traditionally cast and/or wrought products, including:

• Design flexibility where complex geometries are possible.
• Reduced lead time vs. conventional manufacturing methods.
• Reduced costs associated with welding and machining.
• Increased resistance to stress corrosion cracking.
• Cost savings due to less material waste.


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