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Metal Injection Molding

CarTech® UltraFine® Metal Powders for use in Metal Injection Molding Applications

Metal injection molding (MIM) is a competitive manufacturing process for the production of net shapes and precision components, which offer mechanical properties nearly equivalent, and oftentimes better, to cast or wrought products and allow high production rates while holding strict dimensional tolerances.

Metal powders from Carpenter Powder Products (CPP) are ideally suited for use in the metal injection molding process. Our expert metallurgists and technical service professionals continue to make advancements in powder metallurgy, developing clean spherical, gas atomized powders in a wide range of specialty alloys, superalloys, and titanium for use with the MIM technique.

High-Quality, Production-Grade Metal Powders

The metal injection molding process is primarily applicable for small parts in large volumes and with a high degree of complexity. MIM parts are cost-effective and have comparable properties to components fabricated by other traditional methods, and are used in a wide variety of Aerospace, Consumer, Energy, Industrial, Medical, and Transportation industry applications.

CPP metal powder materials offer a consistent alloy chemistry and particle size to provide accurate shrinkage rate when made into feedstock—with particular accuracy for walls (thickness, uniformity, transition, warping, and voids), corners and joints (intersections, loads, and stiffness), as well as textures and insets (threading, grooves, lettering and aesthetics).

Realizing the Benefits of Metal Injection Molding

Metal injection molding gives manufacturers the ability to combine several stages/operations into a single process, which dramatically reduces production costs and lead times. Also, because metal molding powder is injected, MIM parts are manufactured to their precise net weight, thus lessening material waste and associated costs.

CPP’s clean, spherical, gas atomized metals powders are expertly engineered to provide the highest packing densities, consistency, and cleanliness in MIM feedstock. This superior level of quality provides CPP customers with a number of advantages, including greater design complexity, improved mechanical properties, better surface finish, and flexible production volume capabilities.

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Metal Injection Molding (MIM)


Testing and Quality Assurance 

Carpenter Powder Products and Carpenter Technology facilities are regulated in accordance with the latest requirements and operating process procedures set forth by various international, federal, and industry quality management systems, including: AS9100, ISO 9001, and Nadcap.

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