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Surface Enhancements

CarTech® Micro-Melt® Metal Powders for Durable Protective Surface Enhancements and Coatings

Companies and organizations around the world do business in areas where their products and equipment are continually subjected to varying conditions and harsh environments that are oftentimes highly corrosive and pressurized with wildly fluctuating temperatures.

Carpenter Powder Product's (CPP) pre-alloyed, spherical, gas atomized metal powders are employed to enhance surface properties in such conditions and environments to protect industrial surfaces from corrosion, oxidation, and erosion due to wear and and extreme temperatures.

These enhancement techniques are coating processes in which metal powder materials are sprayed onto a surface in varying processes, including:

  • Thermal Spray: flame and plasma spraying, high velocity oxygen fuel (HVOF/HVAF) spraying, vacuum plasma spraying, low pressure plasma spraying, and cold spraying.
  • Plasma Transferred Arc (PTA): hard-facing and weld overlay processes.
  • High Temperature Brazing: joining and repair processes.
  • Plasma Powder Arc Welding (PPAW) Process
  • Laser Cladding: wear and corrosion resistance.

CarTech Micro-Melt metal powders are used in a wide variety of demanding industries, including thermal spray coatings for jet engine and land-based gas turbine components, coatings for offshore oil applications, as well as coatings for numerous automotive and industrial components. 

Our manufacturing versatility and technical knowledge of powder metallurgy enable CPP to provide customers with consistent, high-quality metal powders produced via air, vacuum, or pressurized melting with argon or nitrogen atomization in ultrafine, fine, medium, and coarse distributions. 

Benefits of Surface Enhancement Materials:

  • Reduced Costs vs. Solids
  • Selected Area Enhancements
  • Improve Wear Resistance
  • Improve Corrosion and Oxidation Resistance
  • Functionally Graded Surfaces
  • Dimensional Restoration
  • Ease of Coating Application

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Surface Enhancements 

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