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Application Development

Dynamet provides innovative product solutions to material and production problems. From sales to metallurgy, to research and development, Dynamet is constantly searching for new and better ways to use, process, and fabricate titanium products. 

The Dynamet team works with customers and design engineers to understand their challenges and develop the best solutions for new or existing applications, including material selection, prototype design, and testing. 


Protective Sporting Equipmentfaceguards

Dynamet has provided UPG® Ti-Guard™ (Ultimate Performance Grade) titanium material for helmet faceguards. Dynamet's UPG Ti-Guard material is produced to meet the customer's unique requirements, enabling them to manufacture a wide range of faceguard designs. 

Faceguards that have been made from titanium provide the required strength needed and are lighter in weight, creating a performance advantage. Compared to a similar design from steel, a titanium faceguard typically is one-half the weight. In addition to these advantages, titanium is resistant to almost all forms of corrosion and is more flexible than steel materials often used in faceguards.


Over 25 Percent Improved Productivity with Ultrabar® Precision Barultrabar

Through a special, proprietary grinding process, titanium ULTRABAR extra precision bar is produced to much tighter specifications, including tighter diameter tolerances, roundness and straightness, and has better overall size variability than conventionally ground precision bar.

Best suited for use in Swiss-style machine tools, titanium ULTRABAR was developed to meet the needs of certain customers who were taking conventional precision bar to custom grinding houses to create the kind of dimensions that are now available with titanium ULTRABAR. 

A contract medical implant producer, which specializes in high precision products such as bone screws, spinal implants, femoral knee joints, and fixation systems began using titanium ULTRABAR small diameter "extra-precision" ground titanium bar on its computer numerically controlled (CNC) Swiss-type screw machines.

Accuracy was very important, as about 65 percent of the implants machined with Swiss lathes are bone screws. Bone screws need to be very precisely machined, and exhibit extreme tolerances.

Efficiency improvements of 25 percent or more were achieved on certain jobs.In addition, operators spent less time on material set up and process optimization and can focus on other tasks. 

Carpenter Technology Corporation Carpenter Technology Corporation

Carpenter Technology Corporation (NYSE: CRS) is a recognized leader in high-performance specialty alloy-based materials and process solutions for critical applications in the aerospace, defense, transportation, energy, industrial, medical, and consumer electronics markets.

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