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Hollow Boring

 Hollow Boring and Hole Drilling Services with Exception Precision, Depth, and Finishing Capabilities

Carpenter Technology’s hollow boring and deep hole drilling services transform solid blanks into custom-ordered hollow bars and seamless tubular products. Our advanced CNC metal lathing and boring machinery is digitally optimized to ensure precise ID tolerances and concentricity with custom on- or off-center boring, reboring (straightening), trepanning, honing, and machine finishing.

Additionally, Carpenter Technology applies proprietary surface treatments—not available from any other manufacturer or distributor—that are scientifically tested and proven to dramatically increase performance and enhance wear resistance.

Our experienced engineers and machinists are well-equipped to meet customers’ most diverse and demanding hollow boring and deep hole drilling needs, including:

  • Multi-diameter IDs from 2 in. (50.8 mm) through 12.625 in. (32.1 cm).
  • ODs from 3.5 in. (88.9 mm) through 20 in. (50.8 cm).
  • Bar lengths from 30 in. (0.76 m) to 35 ft. (10.7 m).
  • Precise ID tolerances, bore concentricity, and size variation.
  • Trepanned, honed, and smooth, compressive ID surface treatment (vs. rough, shot-peened, or hammered).
  • Enhanced stress corrosion cracking and abrasive wear resistance.
  • Contact ultrasonic testing and full-volume magnetometer testing.

From calm to extremely volatile conditions, and everything in between, Carpenter Technology’s hollow boring and deep hole drilling services are the established benchmark for precision, speed, and high-durability performance. We offer industry-leading hole drilling solutions for a wide variety of industries, applications, and operations, including:

Oil and Gas, Energy, and Power Generation

  • Non-magnetic drill collars, housing, and tubing for onshore and offshore oil and gas fields.
  • Assists in depth and stability during directional drilling and oil exploration.
  • Custom components for industrial turbine and nuclear reactor applications. 
  • Designed-in durability that meets or exceeds API Spec 7-1 standards.

Aerospace, Defense, and Transportation

  • Specialty alloys and composites with high specific strength (strength-to-weight ratio).
  • Exceptional length, uniformity, and balance for high-cycle (rotating) parts.
  • Components for pneumatic ducting, turbines, and a multitude of other high-performance needs.
  • Bottle boring, machining, and fabrication of complex components and assemblies.

General Hollow Bar Boring Services

  • CNC metal lathe and boring machinery for optimal accuracy and concentricity.
  • Proprietary internal compressive bore treatment to reduce heat, friction, and wear.
  • Straight bore and multi-diameter IDs in varying lengths and materials.
  • Rough-drilled hole, initial tapping and redrilling, trepanning, and honing.

Request a Quote and General Inquiries

To submit a quote request or learn more about our hollow boring and deep hole drilling services, contact Carpenter Technology by completing the Hollow Boring Inquiry Form.

Quality Assurance to Fulfill Customer Needs

Carpenter Technology facilities are regulated in accordance with the latest requirements and operating process procedures set forth by various international, federal, and industry quality management systems—including ISO 9001 and AS9100—to ensure our customers receive consistent, high-quality products and services.

Access and download Carpenter Technology’s quality assurance and laboratory certifications as well as customer company approvals and documentation.

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