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4:01 PM EDT $45.51 +1.72

CT Puris eTi Titanium Powder

CarTech Puris eTi powder is a titanium alloy that delivers a 30 percent improvement in strength and stiffness over the base alloy. This enhancement has been demonstrated in a number of titanium alloys, and with appropriate thermal processing, these properties can be realized without loss of ductility or fatigue properties.

CarTech Puris eTi powder offers significant advantages for lightweight design solutions.

1. Mechanical Properties
CarTech Puris eTi powder increases the strength and stiffness of titanium alloys without fatigue property debit, creating high-performance options for weight reduction. CarTech Puris eTi  powder offers highly favorable, specific properties when compared to high-strength steel and aluminum alternatives.

2. Pre-Alloyed Gas Atomized Process
Gas atomized powders are spherically shaped, with a particle size distribution conducive to high packing density and the ability to be produced with tight chemical tolerances. Pre-alloying creates a uniform, refined product at the powder ball level, eliminating the need for additional thermal mechanical processing to refine the structure.

3. Manufacturing Capability
CarTech Puris eTi powder has been demonstrated in titanium alloys from cryogenic to high-temperature alloys, and in a wide range of sizes and processing methods. Processing has been demonstrated by rolling, extruding, forging, super plastic forming, flow forming and additive metal manufacturing. Parts ranged in size from a few ounces to 1,000 lbs.

4. Capacity / Flexibility
Carpenter's gas atomization facility's initial capacity is more than 10 times that of similar operations, yet it is still capable of producing custom alloys at lot sizes as small as 50 lbs.



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