7:00 PM EDT $18.53 +0.37
7:00 PM EDT $18.53 +0.37

Titanium Alloy Ti 6Al-4V ELI

Single figures are nominal except where noted

0.08 C, 5.50/6.50 Al, 0.05 N, 0.130 O, Bal. Ti, 3.50/4.50 V, 0.25 Fe, 0.013 H,
0.40 Other/Total

* Other, Each (Maximum) = 0.1%
** For AMS 4930 rev. D, Hydrogen = 0.0125% and
Yttrium = 0.005%

Ti 6Al-4V ELI is the extra-low interstitial version of Ti 6Al-4V and its content is arrived at by the careful selection of ingot raw materials. It has been the material of choice for many medical and dental applications due to its excellent biocompatibility. The ELI grade has superior damage tolerance (fracture toughness, fatigue crack growth rate) and better mechanical properties at cryogenic temperatures compared to standard grade Ti 6Al-4V. It is also known as ASTM B348 Grade 23.

Specifications: AMS 4905 (Plate, Annealed), AMS 4907 (Sheet, Strip, Plate, Annealed), AMS 4930 (Bar, Wire, Forgings, Billet, Annealed), AMS 4931 (Bar, Wire, Forgings, Billet), AMS 4956 (Weld Filler Metal Wire), AMS 4996 (Billet), AMS 4998 (Powder), ASTM F136 (Wrought Alloy for Surgical Implants), ASTM F620 (Forgings for Surgical Implants), AWS A5.16-70 (Weld Filler Metal Wire and Rod)



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