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Health and Wellness

To help employees become, or stay healthy we have established several voluntary programs that employees can take advantage of. 


Global Corporate Challenge

Each spring, Carpenter partners with Global Corporate Challenge to host its Get the World Moving 100-day Walking Challenge. This friendly competition challenges employees to take more steps each day and get healthy. Although the challenge focuses on 100 days, employees have access to the GCC website and tools to continue entering steps, read up on nutrition tips, track weight loss, and earn virtual trophies well after the 100-day challenge is over. Visit to learn more!


Tobacco-free premium reduction program

Tobacco cessation programs are typically available through an employee's medical benefits. U.S. employees who are 'tobacco-free' will pay less in medical and prescription drug monthly premiums.


Flu shots

Each fall, employees have the opportunity to get a free flu shot, either at their work location or as provided under our medical benefits.


Health Fair

Reading and Latrobe Operations employees can attend a health fair each fall where they can learn about company provided and voluntary benefits.


Gym memberships

Employees may be able to take advantage of employee discounts at local gyms, or through special programs as part of their medical benefits.


Other Health and Wellness Programs:
  • Ergonomics Team
  • On-site Weight Watchers programs offered for groups
  • Volunteer activities and employee outings

Read stories about how our employees got healthier through our wellness programs.


"The challenge made a big difference in how I feel. I got up to 20,000 steps sometimes. My biggest takeaway is that regardless of my situation I can overcome anything. My team and I had a good time participating, and it was a great motivator."

With more than 700 individuals participating in 2015, Carpenter staff recorded amazing strides.

  • Burned 38,826,492 calories - the equivalent of 134,014 hot dogs!
  • Recorded 967,611,650 steps, 384,797 miles and 13,405 average daily steps - the same amount of energy burned as 51 minutes on a rowing machine every day.
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