CarTech® TOPHET® Alloy C
Type Analysis
Single figures are nominal except where noted.
Chromium 16.00 % Nickel 60.00 %
Iron Balance        
General Information

CarTech Tophet alloy C consists of 60% nickel, 16% chromium, and balance iron. It has excellent heat resistance up to 1850°F (1010°C).

CarTech Tophet alloy C has earned a reputation as the most suitable element for domestic appliances where consistent high quality is essential but where operating temperatures do not require the high heat resisting properties of CarTech Tophet alloy A or CarTech Tophet alloy 30.

CarTech Tophet alloy C, because of its ability to withstand high overloads, has been used for heavy-duty rheostats and controls. The high electrical resistivity (675 ohms cm/f), relatively low TCR, and its ease of fabrication have made CarTech Tophet alloy C widely used in "edge-wound" power resistors.

Corrosion Resistance
Important Note:The following 4-level rating scale is intended for comparative purposes only. Corrosion testing is recommended; factors which affect corrosion resistance include temperature, concentration, pH, impurities, aeration, velocity, crevices, deposits, metallurgical condition, stress, surface finish and dissimilar metal contact.
Nitric Acid Good Sulfuric Acid Moderate
Phosphoric Acid Moderate Acetic Acid Moderate
Sodium Hydroxide Moderate Salt Spray (NaCl) Good
Humidity Excellent    
Physical Properties
Specific Gravity
-- 8.25   
-- 0.2979 lb/in³ 
Electrical Resistivity
70°F 675.0 ohm-cir-mil/ft 
Temperature Coeff of Electrical Resist
77 to 221°F 0.833 x 10-4 Ohm/Ohm/°F 
Melting Range
-- 2460 °F 
Thermal EMF
vs. Platinum 67, 32 to 212°F 2.6E-3 mV/°F 

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Edition Date: 01/01/1988