Adding Value
to Additive Manufacturing



Metal Powders and Solutions for AM

Our team of experts ensures success and adds value throughout the additive manufacturing (AM) process. We specialize in manufacturing standard and custom powders, and also produce hardware for powder management. With a focus on quality and innovation, we offer comprehensive solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of our customers.

PowderRange Bottle


Extensive selection of off-the-shelf alloy powders for metal additive manufacturing.

Our quality metal powders are optimized for additive manufacturing. We are a sustainable partner offering rapid order turnaround and delivery.

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Powder Management

Manage risk, enhance safety and optimize economics with hardware and lab testing services.

Closed-loop powder handling to reduce powder contamination and avoid exposure to safety and environmental hazards.

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Custom Powder

Metal powders designed to deliver the precise mechanical properties your application demands.

For many alloys, Carpenter Additive are able to offer different products of the same composition, optimized for your particular application.

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Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing - Aerospace Lightweight Brackets
Aerospace Lightweight Brackets

Additively manufactured aerospace brackets are developed to maximize performance while reducing weight through geometry optimization and high-strength materials.

Additive Manufacturing - Automotive Exhaust Pipe
Transportation Exhaust Pipe

Cross over pipe for Transportation exhaust systems and high-performance racing vehicles.

Energy Turbine Blades

Readily fabricated, crack-free turbine blades additively manufactured in a range of superalloys with elevated temperature stability. These alloys are designed for hot gas path components to take advantage of 3D design freedom which can improve turbine efficiency by leveraging advanced cooling airflow architecture.

Additive Manufacturing - Medical Spinal Cage
Spinal Cages

Medical implants that take advantage of additive manufacturing for complex component design, efficient control of porous morphology, weight, and adoption of suitable biocompatible alloys. Additively manufactured interbody cages allow for superior osseointegration, improving patient outcomes.

Additive Manufacturing - Medical Orthopedic Devices
Orthopedic Devices

Orthopedic implants, such as hip and tibial knee components, fabricated by AM take advantage of design flexibility and efficient control of porous morphology, enabling superior osseointegration.

Soft Magnetic Components
Soft Magnetic Components

Advanced soft-magnetic alloys are transforming the profiles and capabilities of torque-dense electromagnetic devices. We print to net shape for high-magnetic induction in small volumes.


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