Carpenter Technology is the leading global manufacturer of products, parts, and components made of specialty materials, alloys, and titanium. We've come this far by working closely with people like you to make and deliver products that outperform those of our competitors.

The product information in this section is intended to provide technical data about Carpenter Technology’s specialty alloys. For an overview of our product solutions, please visit our market section.

The highest performing Titanium for breakthrough applications in aerospace, medical, and beyond.
Parts and Components

Custom solutions for new product introduction

We provide world-class contract manufacturing, pilot scale, and product development services specially suited to deliver short runs of highly customized alloy products not available from any other manufacturer or distributor.

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  • Custom alloy products not available from other manufacturers
  • Proven track record of contract manufacturing excellence for over 40 years
  • Significantly reduced lead times and dramatically improved speed to market
  • Access to advanced alloy development, technologies, and streamlined manufacturing processes
  • A team of metallurgy experts and technical professionals dedicated to helping you achieve the best outcome
Distribution Solutions

Leading North American distributor 

Our extensive inventory reduces lead-times, with many products ready for next-day delivery.

We are the leading North American distributor of a wide variety of steels and alloys. Enjoy consistent, on-time delivery supported by an expansive network of 12 strategically located distribution facilities across North America and a global network to support companies around the world, all with industry-leading customer service.


Value added services

Beyond developing the highest-performing and most advanced specialty alloys anywhere, we provide value-added services to meet your needs in the processing, manufacture, and supply of mission critical alloy materials.