Mission Critical Performance

We provide advanced specialty materials for life and flight critical applications. The design challenges of in-the-field applications for defense are unlike any other. Lives, safety, and security depend on exceptional performance and reliability in hostile environments. Whether facing the challenges of high-torque, temperature and pressure changes, corrosive environments, or all of them at the same time, our materials provide designers with the resources they need to design lighter, faster, stronger, and tougher.



Rotor Shafts

High strength and toughness are imperative for the structural alloys used in this critical design component. We offer alloys with the highest strength to ensure peak performance.

Main and Auxiliary Motors

Bushing applications require exceptional reliability throughout changes in temperature, pressure, and environment, even as they are exposed to corrosive environments and subject to high stress and heavy loads.

Structural Components

Subjected to salty spray and high-torque, materials on marine helicopters demand the highest performance, reliability, and readiness. We customize material properties to specific applications, delivering high-strength in corrosive environments.

Bearings and Gears
Bearings and Gears

Strength, toughness, and fatigue performance are critical for helicopter gear components that allow them to run at high load-levels without failure. Our materials ensure exceptional performance and reliability in extreme conditions.

Bolts, Pins, and Fasteners
Bolts, Pins, and Fasteners

Strength-to-weight ratio is critical to weight management. Our materials are designed for no-fail situations that include temperature extremes, high pressures, stress and weight loads, and corrosion.

Work with Carpenter Technology to improve your product and your process.

We develop new materials that can meet or exceed your design parameters and help you achieve performance breakthroughs. This allows you to design smaller and/or lighter with parts and materials that avoid fatigue or fracture. These lighter components can improve performance, increase operating hours and reduce field failures.


Customers call on us when they need to rethink the boundaries of specialty alloys

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