Medium & Heavy Duty Vehicles & Off-Road Equipment

Materials Engineered for Durability in the Most Challenging Operating Conditions

We have been a global, trusted partner driving improvements in durability and performance in the medium duty, heavy duty, and off-road vehicle market segments since they were invented. Our advances in material technology have allowed our customers to design to higher temperatures and pressures, extend service intervals, and operate in a variety of corrosive environments.


Medium & Heavy Duty Vehicles and Off-Road Equipment

Diesel Fuel Injectors
Diesel Fuel Injectors

Ultra-clean materials enable the highest pressure diesel applications. Our materials allow higher pressure and temperature resistance while increasing fatigue life.

Carpenter Technology Diesel Exhaust Valves
Diesel Exhaust Valves

We are high temperature materials experts with a full portfolio of materials that perform in the harsh environment combination of dry fuels, oxidative environments, and temperatures in excess of 800° C.

Pushrod End/Rollers
Pushrod End/Rollers

Pushrod ends operate in harsh wear environments and non-optimal oil film environments. Our HIP’d tool steels offer superior wear resistance, enhanced fabricating characteristics, and better toughness than traditional tool steels.

 High Temperature Gaskets
High Temperature Gaskets

Carpenter’s wide range of strip thickness and alloy capabilities will allow you to customize your gasket design to meet your sealing and temperature needs.

Work with Carpenter Technology to improve your product and your process.

We continue to innovate for the medium and heavy duty markets. Our team of material experts developed our latest patented alloy, G27, to increase performance and durability. Our products have consistent global quality and part design costs while meeting the exacting design requirements of the higher operating temperature of today's internal combustion engines.


Customers call on us when they need to rethink the boundaries of specialty alloys

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