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What you can make depends in part on the materials you have to work with. We work closely with our customers to define new needs and develop the materials to meet them. At the same time, our rigorous quality control ensures that your manufacturing benefits from reliably high-quality materials, helping you make important capability advancements while also reducing downtime lost to materials inadequacies. We help you to do more and better for less through our range of materials targeting strength, wear, and edge retention to reduce manufacturing costs and lead the way in innovative performance.


Tooling & Parts

Industrial Cutting Blades

Our material solutions for blades offer an exceptional combination of corrosion resistance and edge retention allowing you to cut faster for longer periods, increasing throughput and lowering manufacturing costs.

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Metal Cutting High Speed Steels

Our broad portfolio of high speed steels offer a variety of combinations of strength, hardness and toughness for metal cutting applications such as broaches, hobbs, drilling, and milling tools.

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Metal Cutting Hot Work Steels

To ensure maximum performance at increased temperatures or during heat load fluctuation, our range of low-carbon hot work steels provide the necessary strength and hardness for effective processes.

Work with Carpenter Technology to improve your product and your process.

Lower the total cost of manufacturing and your cost of ownership while pushing for breakthrough innovations. Our diverse portfolio of materials supports multiple offerings for strength, wear, and edge retention, giving you a critical competitive advantage. These materials meet exacting standards for testing and inspection with tight chemistry control.


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