Value Added Services

Your One-Stop Shop for alloy supply and processing

Our value added services create efficiencies for your business by eliminating handling, equipment investment, and maintenance, as well as the transportation costs associated with using a third-party processor.

Approximately 70% of Carpenter Technology’s orders include some form of value added service. Our unique core competencies include cutting bar from plate and cutting plate to extremely tight tolerances, while our proprietary saw blade technology and custom-built saws enable superior productivity.

Our on-site processing capabilities include over 180 kinds of processing equipment, including:

Duplex Milling Machines

Simultaneous two-surface milling for greater precision processing

Twin spindle allows automatic milling for four surfaces reducing setting time

Cut Off Saws

CNC operated for cutting metal pieces to length

High speed cutting and pulse technology for lower cutting resistance

CNC Machines

More complex machining of semi-finished near net shape pieces

Convert and finish precision rings and round pieces including tapers

Plate Milling Machines

Convert hot rolled plate into decarb-free “rough milled” plate

Circular Plate Saws

Automatic precision sawing for metal plate to size

High speed close tolerance cutting for greater positional accuracy

Surface Grinders

Converts rough milled plates to “deluxe finished” plates

Provides cosmetic surface finishes



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