Power Generation

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Power generation is critical to a functioning economy, locally and globally. We have been a vital part of power system designs for generations. Our materials continue to advance the efficiency and potential of power systems while always looking for opportunities to increase the stability and longevity of equipment under the most demanding circumstances. We look beyond the rigors of the physical environment, which are central to your business, to the competitive landscape, offering you material advantages that result in breakthrough performance.


Power Generation

Turbine Blades and Discs
Turbine Blades and Discs

Turbine blade and disc materials are selected for their strength, fatigue life, and creep resistance in high-temperature environments. Nickel-base superalloys maximize component performance, allowing designers to achieve differentiated efficiency and reliability.

Compressors and Combustors
Compressors and Combustors

Compressors place extreme loads on blades and discs and combustor elements are exposed to extreme heat and corrosive environments. High strength, creep resistance, and fatigue life are essential to maximizing component lifetimes and system efficiency while parts must be manufactured to exact specifications where geometric stability is key.

Gas Turbines

Increasing efficiency of gas turbines requires combustion at higher temperatures. Our materials are specifically designed to withstand higher operating temperatures without failure.

Nuclear Power Generation

Our materials are crafted to withstand high temperatures, corrosive conditions, radioactive environments, and operating stresses, to offer lifetime integrity in critical nuclear applications.

Bearings and Gears

Bearings are used in high efficiency rotating equipment to maximize power transfer and reliability.

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We can help you increase your gas turbine operating efficiency or realize higher mean time between failures (MTBF) for offshore wind. Our nickel alloys enable you to maximize efficiency through higher combustion gas temperatures. For offshore wind, our materials can guarantee structural integrity critical for longevity and maximizing uptime for difficult to service installations.


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