Research & Development

Customer need is the starting point for research and development at Carpenter Technology. We work closely with our customers to understand both what they need and what they are trying to achieve. Then our team of expert metallurgists, engineers, and market specialists develop the advanced, high-quality, specialty alloys that help our clients achieve breakthrough performance.

But we don't stop there. Once a new product or process is created, we look at ways of improving it. We look across markets to see if it might have useful applications in other areas.

What we learn in other applications can help us refine and improve the product or a manufacturing process, allowing us to return to the initial customer with a value-added solution that helps them achieve even more.

Producing distinctive products and processes is the driving force behind Carpenter Technology. Our world-class research and development capabilities have been the foundation of our success for over 130 years.


Our metallography research and development labs foster the creation and progression of high-quality proprietary alloys.

Our core capabilities include metal and alloy processing, sample preparation, materials characterization, metal testing, metallurgy research, process technology, process modeling, and library services. Our in-house resources and pilot scale contract manufacturing facilities are uniquely equipped to handle customers' needs for tailored alloy chemistry solutions, specialty alloy development, composition of metal melting requirements, additive manufacturing, and electrification stack laminations.


Our Team

Carpenter Technology's global research and development team includes metallurgists, technical service, and materials modeling specialists with diverse alloy chemistry expertise. Their individual contributions and collaborative efforts deliver groundbreaking solutions and continual improvement in existing products and processes for our customers.

Much like the markets and customers we serve, our research and development capabilities are far-reaching and diverse, incorporating a broad range of disciplines. Our deep understanding of metallurgy principles, alloy engineering, and manufacturing processes are the foundation for a steadfast commitment to helping customers enhance their product, improve efficiencies, create value, and move to market more quickly.



The Wright brothers prove the feasibility of their heavier-than-air maiden flight at Kitty Hawk, NC with engine components from Carpenter Technology specialty steels


Locomobile racer Old 16 becomes the first American car to win the Vanderbilt Cup with Carpenter Technology steel


The Spirit of St. Louis completes the first flight across the Atlantic Ocean with Carpenter Technology steel in its motor


Carpenter Technology invents the first “Rustless Steel;” 303 Stainless


Apollo 11 lands the first manned mission on the moon with Carpenter Technology alloys on board


The Statue of Liberty undergoes restoration. Armatures supporting the statue’s shell are replaced with 9,000 pounds of stainless steel donated from Carpenter Technology


On request, Carpenter Technology develops the ultra-high strength alloy AerMet® 100 for arrester hooks to aid Navy aircraft landing on carrier decks


The US Olympic fencing team competes in the Atlanta Summer Games with Carpenter’s NiMark® 300 in their equipment


The CERN Large Hadron Collider cryodipole includes austenitic stainless end-caps from Carpenter Technology


Kyle Busch wins the NASCAR Sprint Car Championship with Carpenter Technology material for high-performance parts made through Joe Gibbs Racing


Carpenter Technology opens the Emerging Technology Center in Athens, Alabama to further advance next-generation technologies focused on additive manufacturing and soft-magnetic electrification