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We ensure the highest-quality manufactured components enabling you to de-risk innovation. Let our additive experts guide your end-to-end additive journey by partnering with us for in-house powder atomization, powder bed fusion additive production, powder lifecycle management, quality inspection, and risk mitigation.


Manufactured Parts


AM impellers can offer improvements to both mechanical properties and manufacturing lead times compared to cast parts. Shortened lead times reduce downtime and improve the efficiency of inventory management programs.

Valve Inserts

Complex valve trim is utilized to regulate pressure changes across the valve and minimize sound pressure levels. Traditional fabrication techniques often involve welding together many plates, each milled with a complex flow channel. AM parts simplify the assembly and eliminate the need for multiple welds.

Valve Bodies and Fittings

Minor pressure losses from valves and fittings accumulate in hydraulic systems and limit the efficiency of production and processing facilities. AM enables the fabrication of complex flow geometries optimized using computational fluid dynamics.

Rotary Steerable Systems (RSS)

RSS contain complex components like pressure manifolds that benefit from the design flexibility afforded by additive manufacturing. AM parts offer increased performance compared to traditional casting techniques.

Wireline Tools

Complex fluid paths, sensitive instruments, and weight limits are inherent to measurement and formation evaluation equipment. AM enables complex, lightweight designs with properties superior to those of cast parts. Part counts in complex assemblies can be reduced to increase system reliability.

Inflow Control Devices (ICDs)

Regulating flow rates and pressure drops across production zones is critical to maximizing ultimate recovery in complex wells. AM enables the construction of passive flow control devices that can serve as check valves or regulators. Operators can maximize reservoir performance without using complex assemblies.

Hydraulic Crossovers

Many drilling, completion, and production tools contain complex hydraulic systems that interface with other equipment. Assemblies previously comprised of complex networks of tubing or machined parts can be replaced by simpler AM components.

Additively manufactured industrial gas turbines
Industrial Gas Turbines

Additive manufacturing enables complex components that would be impossible to produce using traditional techniques. Efficiency is improved through optimized combustion and higher operating temperatures.

Fuel Nozzles

Optimized air-fuel mixing is critical to efficient combustion. Additively manufactured parts enable a more uniform distribution of atomized fuel within the combustion chamber and complex assemblies are simplified.


Additively manufactured blades enable higher temperature operations through the incorporation of embedded cooling channels. As-printed mechanical properties can improve performance beyond those possible with casting.


A precise laser beam scans thin layers of metal powder to selectively melt complex geometries into fully dense parts. This process allows for the creation of fine details and complex geometries


To create layer-by-layer, an electron beam fuses metal particles together in the desired design to create complex structures. Faster than laser systems, the process creates a coarser finish because of more granular feed powder, but limited deformations allow for reduced support structures during builds.

Work with Carpenter Technology to improve your product and your process.

Carpenter Additive is a fully integrated metal additive manufacturing (AM) partner, working with you throughout your additive production. Success with industrial metal 3D printing requires material expertise. We have over a century of experience precisely engineering and controlling material microstructures and are at the forefront of scaling AM to qualified production in critical industries.

Our team of experts partners with customers from concept to creation to ensure success and add value throughout the AM process. We offer standard and custom powders, material handling strategies, and full contract manufacturing services with a variety of production additive systems.


From powder supply assurance to providing trusted advice, we are sought after by the technical community to solve problems and deliver more efficiency, reliability, and cost-effectiveness through superior additive material design performance and life cycle optimization of powders.

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