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High Speed Steels

High speed steels are a special class of tool steel primarily used for high speed applications such as drill bits, saw blades, punches, dies, and other powered cutting tools.

Carbon Steels

Carbon steel, accounting for over 90% of steel production, is a high volume product without significant alloying elements used in a variety of non-specialized applications.

Hot Work & Mold Steels

Hot work steels are used in high-temperature material forming applications and are required to retain strength, dimensional stability, and hardness at high temperatures.

Cold Work & Knife Steels

These steels are typically used in low temperature metal forming, rolling and press applications.

Powder Tool Steels

Powder metallurgy tool and high speed steels are used in similar applications as traditional tool steels but last longer and have superior performance.

Alloy Steels

Alloy steels are general tool steels that are not designated for a specific use. We carry multiple grades of alloy steel, most of which are high-alloy.

Stainless Steels

Stainless steels contain specific nickel and chromium content used to enhance corrosion resistance.

Bearing Steels

These are a special class of hardened carbon or alloy steel used to manufacture roller and ball bearings.

Saw Blades

We distribute saw blades valued by our transactional customers and small OEM clients.



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