It Takes Energy to Make Energy

Energy production is a demanding business that requires resilient materials... and personnel.

To make our customers more efficient and their businesses more profitable, we supply oil and gas producers, nuclear and natural gas-fired power plants, and renewable energy companies with high-quality specialty alloys. Our products are specifically designed to operate at the highest levels of performance and reliability, even in harsh, corrosive environments, high temperatures, and extreme operating stresses.



Turbine Blades and Discs

Turbine blade and disc materials are selected for their strength, fatigue life, and creep resistance in high-temperature environments. Nickel-base superalloys maximize component performance, allowing designers to achieve differentiated efficiency and reliability.

Subsea Drilling Equipment
Subsea Drilling Equipment

Offshore drilling operations take place in a complex, challenging environment where failure is not an option. Every component from seafloor to surface must meet the highest standards for capability and quality. Our specialty alloys allow operators to drill with confidence and preserve their social license to operate.

Artificial Lift

Electric submersible pumps (ESPs) are increasingly compact, with higher torque and more reliable performance. Higher power density enables rigless deployment systems to reduce workover costs in remote locations.

Drill Collars

Proprietary grades of non-magnetic stainless steels specifically for directional drilling operations in corrosive and highly stressed environments. Industry-leading alloy design and processing give unsurpassed resistance to pitting, stress corrosion cracking, and fatigue life, resulting in up to a tenfold improvement in tool life.

Turbine Drive Shaft

Transmitting mechanical power from the turbine blades to the generator, drive shafts are mission critical and must handle transient loads during startup, shutdown, emergency stops and grid connections.

Additive Manufacturing

Partner with us for end-to-end production of components created with electron beam and laser powder bed fusion additive manufacturing in our production facilities with powder lifecycle management and risk mitigation.

Innovative materials engineered for energy applications.

For our customers in the Energy Exploration and Production (E&P) and Power Generation industries, we improve system integrity and durability, extending component operating life to lower the total cost of ownership. Our diverse materials portfolio of over 300 grades of specialty alloys, superalloys, stainless steels, titanium, and metal powders make it possible.  

These expertly engineered and manufactured alloys offer superior reliability and performance, making them popular choices for use in steam, gas, and wind turbines as well as a variety of other precision components employed by the E&P industry, renewable, and nuclear power generation systems. 


Customers call on us when they need to rethink the boundaries of specialty alloys

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