Airframe Fasteners


We hold to a higher standard

Stand up to extreme environments with materials that meet uncompromising standards. We offer the widest portfolio of alloys that can handle the rigors of high-stress, pressure, and temperature extremes without risk of failure. We offer technology support and quick-turn from inventory for a wide variety of functional precision component materials. Our metallurgists work with fastener shops to customize materials to optimize performance based on your requirements.



Airframe Fasteners
Airframe Fasteners

Fasteners add weight. On aircraft, the strength to weight ratio is critical. Meanwhile, quality is essential in no-fail situations that include temperature extremes, high pressures, stress and weight loads, and corrosion.

Torsion Springs

Springs store mechanical energy as they are twisted. Their materials must be high strength with extremely good fatigue resistance to ensure they do not break under repeated loads.

Fluid Connectors
Fluid Connectors

Consistent dimensions of material allow the designer to use repetitive settings for machining devices, reducing adjustment and pre-machining time - maximizing throughput

Work with Carpenter Technology to improve your product and your process.

We help you build planes more efficiently with our wide portfolio of materials available in many forms (bar/wire/strip), enabling the manufacture of a wide range of fasteners. Meanwhile, our superb service (slit & ship, inventory) allows you to quickly meet difficult-to-forecast demand.


Customers call on us when they need to rethink the boundaries of specialty alloys

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