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We work closely with the medical device industry to develop products that enhance the performance of medical implants, improve surgical techniques, and provide patients with better outcomes. Our diverse portfolio of solutions for device design and implantation allows customers like you to develop advanced components for robust medical devices and surgical procedures such as minimally invasive surgeries. The quality of our materials, along with superior properties, is a critical part of their utility and performance in medical procedures and patient experience.



Joint Reconstruction
Joint Reconstruction (Hip, Knee, Extremities)

Orthopedic implants require not only biocompatibility, but also exceptional mechanical properties and corrosion resistance in intense physiological conditions over a long service life, requiring materials with exceptionally high abrasion (wear) and fatigue resistance.

Spine Fixation
Spine Fixation

Spinal deformity devices of ever-decreasing size and complex geometries require materials with higher strength and toughness.

Trauma Devices
Trauma Devices

We provide a wide range of materials that include numerous titanium grades and premium, implantable stainless-steels with exceptional cleanliness and matrix homogeneity, including essentially nickel and cobalt free options for patients with metal sensitivities.

Orthopedic Coatings
Orthopedic Coatings

Porous orthopedic coatings increase bone integration of implants and improve healing times. Angular titanium powders provide a rough surface, enabling increased initial implant stabilization not achievable with conventional spherical coatings.

Work with Carpenter Technology to improve your product and your process.

Our products enable easier and superior medical procedures. Our developments have opened the door to minimally invasive surgeries and improved patient outcomes. Our materials serve vital roles both in the surgical theater and in the performance of implanted devices.

We provide a diverse portfolio of solutions for device design and implantation, enabling the development of advanced components with increased strength, wear, and tolerance. 

Our long history of custom application engineering, combined with our product knowledge, results in a wide array of accessible innovations and available products.


Customers call on us when they need to rethink the boundaries of specialty alloys

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