Electric Vehicles

Electrification is the future of transport

EVs are the future of transportation, yet consumer adoption is hampered by vehicle range and high purchase prices. We are the industry leader for high-performance soft magnetic alloys with high induction and low losses that offer higher power, torque-dense, and highly efficient motors. We have been a strategic material partner to the transportation industry for over a century and have the experience to realize EV innovations with improved range, acceleration, and lower powertrain costs. Our products are available in high volume production to all industry specifications from our U.S.-based, state-of-the-art plants.


Electric Vehicles

Traction Motors
Traction Motors

We are the industry leader for high performance soft magnetic alloys for higher power, torque-dense, and highly efficient motors that improve range, acceleration, and lower powertrain costs.

Battery Management Systems

Electric vehicle battery management systems (BMS) require a constant resistance value at various operating temperatures for reliable system feedback. Our materials offer a low thermal coefficient of resistance for efficient BMS.

 Stator and Rotor Stacks
Stator and Rotor Stacks

Our leadership in magnetics, material processing, and quality control, combined with our stack manufacturing provide best-in-class and the quickest-to-market solution for Hiperco® laminations and stacks.

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Our unique, high-performance soft magnetic materials can increase EV motor torque and power density, allowing the extension of vehicle range and faster acceleration. Our Hiperco® family of alloys has the highest magnetic saturation commercially available, enabling higher torque density. Our Hypocore® alloy has a unique combination of high induction and low core loss to improve motor efficiency.


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