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Airplanes are only as strong, reliable, and sustainable as their materials. We develop new materials for unique design challenges to achieve superb performance, long term safety, reliability, durability, and low life-cycle costs. We help customers rethink the boundaries of specialty alloys to enable lighter weight, more fuel efficient and lower maintenance-cost planes. Our diverse portfolio of high-performance alloys is augmented by knowledgeable and experienced technology support, as they look across industries to develop new uses for existing alloys.



Landing Gear
Landing Gear

Customers require materials that can reliably withstand stresses induced under severe conditions. We offer a range of materials key to landing gear applications.

Actuation Systems
Actuation Systems

Controlling the movement of an aircraft is essential to operation, and the strength of actuators is critical to performance. We offer the strongest materials to enable smaller, lightweight designs.

Engine Mounts

Connects to the wing and transmits the thrust forces generated in extreme environments.


To ensure power density and reliability gears require good structural fatigue and contact fatigue strength. We offer stronger materials that withstand higher temperatures for any operating condition.

Additive Manufacturing
Additive Manufacturing

Partner with us for next-generation components created in our production facilities with powder lifecycle management and risk mitigation. Our end-to-end expertise in additive manufacturing enables us to consult at any stage in the process, adding value to your current additive manufacturing processes.

Work with Carpenter Technology to improve your product and your process.

Reduce weight and gain fuel efficiency while lowering your maintenance costs. Whatever structural challenges you face, our industry-leading, advanced material solutions provide higher strength, increased corrosion resistance, and much more.

Design lighter weight, more fuel-efficient, lower maintenance cost planes with new landing gear solutions that meet your performance goals and government regulations. We provide advanced alloys to help you grow your business by offering cost savings to airframe OEMs through the use of higher performance materials.


Customers call on us when they need to rethink the boundaries of specialty alloys

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