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The consequences of failure in defense applications can be beyond measure. Our work in this industry is mission critical.

We provide advanced specialty materials for life and flight critical applications. This allows defense engineers to design smaller, lighter components that must also reliably demonstrate the ability to endure extreme operational conditions without fatigue or fracture. On a performance level, the result is lighter components, increased operating hours, and reduced field failures.



Rotor Shafts

High strength and toughness are imperative for the structural alloys used in this critical design component. We offer alloys with the highest strength to ensure peak performance.

Arrester Hooks
Arrester Hooks

To meet the high demands on tensile strength and fracture toughness for the rapid deceleration demands of the tailhook, the US Navy turned to us to engineer an optimal solution.

Marine Motors & Generators
Motors and Generators

High magnetic saturation and permeability alloys create magnetic fields tailored to the needs of your generator or power-dense motor. Our soft magnetic expertise optimizes performance.

Missle Casings

Our materials provide the weldability and machinability that complex structural solutions missile cases require. The consistent performance and strength give missile casings improved structural integrity at greater velocities and kinetic impacts.

Auxiliary Power Units (APUs)
Auxiliary Power Units (APUs)

High-performance materials enable the design of smaller, lightweight motors and lightweight instrumentation without compromising on performance. Our materials enable the most power-dense and smallest and lightest generators and APUs.

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From power generation to motors, APU’s, transformer cores, and final drives, our electrification experts provide materials that solve the space, weight, and power challenges engineers face today. Our products are available in high volume production to military specifications from U.S.-based state-of-the-art plants.

When stakes are high, work with us. The alternative can be costly.

Customers call on us when they need to rethink the boundaries of specialty alloys or how our existing top-performance materials can solve new design challenges. We foster long-term relationships to support risk-averse innovation and explore advanced product applications together.


Customers call on us when they need to rethink the boundaries of specialty alloys

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