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Stronger, Tougher, More Powerful Metallurgy for Down Range.

We are the trusted partner for stronger, tougher, more powerful metallurgy for missile, ordinance, and weapon system engineers. Our specialty alloy solutions enable velocity, range, accuracy, and impact backed up by world-class U.S. production assets.



Hypersonic Weapons
Hypersonic Weapons

The aerodynamic loads and service temperature of hypersonic systems require material innovation to make affordable, reliable engines and cases on an industrial scale.

Missile Casings
Missile Casings

Our materials provide the weldability and machinability that complex structural solutions missile cases require. The consistent performance and strength give missile casings improved structural integrity at greater velocities and kinetic impacts.

Structural Alloys
Structural Alloys

Defense structures must endure extreme loads and fatigue in the most mass-efficient manner possible, in applications from the bottom of the sea to space. We provide the strength needed in critical applications.

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Our soft magnetic alloys solve the space, weight, and power challenges of today's military engineers in applications from APUs to final drives.

Work with Carpenter Technology to improve your product and your process.

We develop new materials that can meet or exceed your design parameters and help you achieve performance breakthroughs. This allows you to design smaller and/or lighter parts with materials that avoid fatigue or fracture. These lighter components can improve performance, increase operating hours and reduce field failures.


Customers call on us when they need to rethink the boundaries of specialty alloys

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