UNS #K14675

6305 VAC-ARC steel is a modified 4140 steel with higher molybdenum and a vanadium addition. The alloy is generally used in the 160-180 ksi (1103-1241 MPa) tensile strength range obtained with an 1100°F (593°C) temper where good toughness is critical. It is produced by vacuum consumable electrode re-melting process to provide optimum cleanliness and preferred ingot structure and used in applications where parts are subject to higher temperatures and material requires combination of good strength and toughness.

Type Analysis

  • Carbon (Nominal) 0.44
  • Silicon (Nominal) 0.25
  • Manganese (Nominal) 0.55
  • Chromium (Nominal) 0.95
  • Molybdenum (Nominal) 0.5
  • Iron (Nominal) Balance
  • Vanadium (Nominal) 0.28

Applicable Specifications

  • AMS 6305
  • AMS 6304 (Air melt)
  • MIL-S-24502
  • CPW 245
  • PWA 733
  • PWA 768
  • PWA 817




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