Ti CP Grade 2

UNS #R50400

Ti CP Grade 2 has higher tolerable levels of iron and oxygen and is widely used because it combines excellent formability and moderate strength with superior corrosion resistance. It has a minimum yield strength of 275 Mpa (40 ksi), and relatively low levels of impurity elements, which places it between Grades 1 and 3 in terms of strength.

Type Analysis

  • Carbon (Maximum) 0.08
  • Titanium (Nominal) Balance
  • Iron (Nominal) 0.3
  • Nitrogen (Maximum) 0.03
  • Hydrogen (Maximum) 0.015
  • Oxygen (Maximum) 0.25


Airframe skins in "warm" areas, ductwork, brackets, and galley equipment. marine and chemical applications such as condensers, evaporators, reaction vessels for chemical processing, tubing and tube headers in desalinization plants, and cryogenic vessels. jigs, baskets, cathodes and starter-sheet blanks for the electroplating industry, and a variety of medical applications.

Applicable Specifications

  • AMS 4902 (Sheet Strip Plate)
  • AMS 4942 (Seamless Tubing)
  • ASTM B265 (Sheet Strip Plate)
  • ASTM B367 (Castings)
  • AWS A5.16-70 (Weld Filler Metal Wire and Rod)
  • AMS 4941 (Welded Tubing)
  • AMS 4951 (Weld Filler Metal Wire)
  • ASTM B348 (Bar Billet)
  • ASTM F67 (Unalloyed Ti for Surgical Implants)





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Weld Wire


Dynalube Coil



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