PowderRange® 718

UNS #N07718

PowderRange® 718 is known as the “workhorse” nickelbase superalloy, and is a key material for high temperature applications in aerospace, energy, and industrial applications. It is an age-hardenable alloy designed to display exceptionally high yield, tensile, and creep-rupture properties at temperatures up to 1300°F (704°C). The sluggish age-hardening response of 718 permits annealing without spontaneous hardening during heating and cooling, as well as highly customizable heat treatments and subsequent mechanical properties for different applications. PowderRange 718 for additive manufacturing is highly processable due to good phase stability, minimal segregation, and low crack susceptibility. The latter two are due to Carpenter Additive’s tight control on residual elements. Although PowderRange 718 is precipitation hardenable, it still displays excellent mechanical properties in the as-processed state.

Type Analysis

  • Carbon (Maximum) 0.08
  • Phosphorus (Maximum) 0.015
  • Silicon (Maximum) 0.35
  • Nickel (Nominal) 50.00-55.00
  • Titanium (Nominal) 0.65-1.15
  • Manganese (Maximum) 0.35
  • Sulfur (Maximum) 0.015
  • Chromium (Nominal) 17.0-21.0
  • Cobalt (Nominal) 1.00
  • Molybdenum (Nominal) 2.80-3.30
  • Iron (Nominal) Balance
  • Aluminum (Nominal) 0.20-0.80
  • Copper (Maximum) 0.30
  • Columbium+Tantalum 4.75-5.50
  • Nitrogen (Maximum) 0.03
  • Boron (Maximum) 0.006
  • Oxygen (Maximum) 0.03


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Applicable Specifications

  • ASTM F3055


Technical Information


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