Increased Torque? Smaller Battery? More Range?

Emerging Technology

Would you rather have an alloy that delivers extra torque for motor performance, or enables you to design a smaller battery in your electric vehicle? Or are you looking to increase the range of your current design? Hiperco® soft magnetic alloys enable all the above, allowing engineers the choice to utilize material advantages to optimize for their preferred benefit.

Motion is the key to the electrification revolution, and electric motors are powering our world at an increasing rate in devices from drones and robots to airplanes and electric vehicles. These motors convert electric energy into mechanical energy to create motion. High-performance soft magnetic alloys, such as our tailored Hiperco solutions, help designers optimize electric motors for power density, torque, and efficiency, the vital performance factors of any motor. Processed into top-quality stator and rotor stacks, optimized magnetic performance, and improve power density up to 30%. This creates options for designers on how to tailor performance to meet their application needs

  • Increase torque without altering your current motor design
  • Save power without re-sizing your motor
  • Decrease your motor size without sacrificing torque