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Tool & High Speed Steels

CarTech® Micro-Melt® Metal Powder Alloys for the Toughest Tool and High Speed Steel Applications

When it comes to fabricating tools, drill bits, and cutting/blade instruments, manufacturers desire tool and high speed steel materials that exhibit distinctive hardness, high abrasive wear resistance, and superior edge retention at elevated temperatures.

Carpenter Powder Product's (CPP) expert metallurgists and technical service professionals continue to make advancements in powder metallurgy, which offer alternatives to conventional tool manufacturing methods. Our clean, spherical, gas atomized powders allow toolmakers to achieve better overall machinability, dimensional stability, and tool longevity.

High-Quality Metal Powders

Our CarTech Micro-Melt Tool and High Speed Steels are available as metal powders, hot isostatic press (HIP) shapes, and hot/cold worked mill form products (billet, block, round and flat bar, wire, plate, sheet, and strip). These specialized, high-quality metal powders offer a consistent alloy chemistry and particle size to provide uniformity among products and production flow rates.

Likewise, traditional cast and/or wrought specialty alloys are available, such as CarTech AerMet® for Tooling and CarTech Pyrotool® alloys.

By using a unique plasma-heated tundish refining process, CPP is able to manufacture some of the cleanest metal powders available. Our metal powders are produced via air, vacuum, or pressurized melting with argon or nitrogen atomization in ultrafine, fine, medium, and coarse distributions. These high-purity metal powders offer a number of benefits to tool manufactures over traditionally cast and/or wrought products, including improvements in:

  • Machinability in the annealed condition.
  • Grindability in the hardened and tempered condition.
  • Toughness and cutting performance.
  • Wear and corrosion resistance.
  • Heat treat response

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Micro-Melt® Powder Tool Steels


Testing and Quality Assurance 

Carpenter Powder Products and Carpenter Technology facilities are regulated in accordance with the latest requirements and operating process procedures set forth by various international, federal, and industry quality management systems, including: AS9100, ISO 9001, and Nadcap.

Access and download Carpenter Powder Products and Carpenter Technology’s quality assurance and laboratory certifications.

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