The spirit of Carpenter’s Internship Program is to provide a valuable learning experience to every single intern. Your internship should bring the theoretical into action and allow you to challenge yourself.



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The Carpenter Technology Corporation Internship Program provides students with hands-on, career-specific experience through full-time work with field professionals. Interns will build solid career foundations by completing project-based work, developing sought after technical skills, and growing their professional networks.


Internships range in duration from 8 weeks to 1 year based on the field of study.

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Compensation: Interns are compensated at a competitive rate for their full-time work. 

Start Date: We will work with you to select a mutually agreeable start date. 

Orientation: During the first week, interns will report for orientation, where they complete the necessary forms to begin their internship and learn more about policy and our internship/co-op program. 

Training: Interns will participate in customized training programs designed to aid in personal and professional development, and to build communication, presentation, time management, and collaboration skills. The goal is for interns to leave the program with the soft and hard skills needed to successfully enter the workplace. 

Project-Based Experience: Interns will have the opportunity to contribute directly to the organizational projects. Interns gain hands-on experience while working with, and receiving guidance from full-time Carpenter Technology staff members. 

Final Presentation: Interns work very hard through their time with us, and are very proud of their accomplishments. Final presentations occur at the end of each internship and allow interns the opportunity to showcase their achievements. 

Intern Networking Events: Building relationships is essential to being a successful employee. We believe that the internship experience cultivates new relationships that will last for the rest of your career. We provide multiple networking events to allow our interns to build their peer, and professional networks, and experience the organization as a whole; including opportunities to interact directly with C-suite executives. 

Mentorship Opportunities: Interns will also have access to mentors with diverse functional, educational, and career backgrounds. Interns play an active role in the mentor selection process, and mentors are assigned based on interns' personal, and professional growth, and development goals. 


For eligibility in any internship role, applicants should be enrolled as full-time students, demonstrating a robust academic performance. Our internships necessitate individuals who are proactive and driven, displaying remarkable communication and interpersonal proficiencies.

Sustained enhancement is a constant goal, spanning across the entire organization, aimed at augmenting efficiency in every facet of Carpenter's endeavors. All internship placements are subject to the successful finalization of Carpenter's pre-internship screening procedures, encompassing a comprehensive drug and alcohol assessment.

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