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CT Puris SM-100 Titanium Powder

CarTech Puris SM-100 titanium powder is an ideal option for applications that require a corrosion-proof, wear-resistant solution, properties formerly considered to be mutually exclusive.

CarTech Puris SM-100 titanium powder is ultra-elastic, non-magnetic (low-mu certified) and 20 percent lighter than steel. Other attractive features include:

  • High hardness (>60 HRC)
  • Shape memory
  • High conductivity
  • High strength

NASA tested CarTech Puris SM-100 titanium powder in several environments against 440C stainless steel and other leading bearing and wear components, and identified the following three superlative performance properties:

  • Lower coefficient of friction
  • Higher strain tolerance with high resulting elasticity
  • Higher damage level threshold
Material Property Comparison Table

Nominal Comparative Properties for Conventional Bearing Alloys Against CarTech Puris SM-100 Titanium Powder

Density, g/cc 6.7 7.7 3.2 8.0
Hardness 56 to 62 RC 58 to 62 RC 1300 to 1500 Hv 60 to 65 RC
Thermal conductivity W/m-° K 18 24 33 36
Thermal expansion ~10×10-6/°C ~10×10-6/°C 2.6×10-6/°C ~11×10-6/°C
Magnetic Non Mag Non Mag
Corrosion resistance Excellent Marginal Excellent Poor
Tensile/flexural strength, MPa *TBD 1900 600 to 1200(bend strength) 2500
Young’s modulus, GPa 47-90 200 310 210
Poisson’s ratio TBD 0.30 0.29 0.30
Fracture toughness TBD 22 MPa/√m 5 to 7 MPa/√m 20 to 23 MPa/√m
Maximum use temperature, ºC ~400 ~400 ~1100 ~400
Electrical resistivity ~80X10 6 Ω-cm ~36X10 6 Ω-cm Insulator ~60X10 6 Ω-cm



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