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4:10 PM EDT $18.21 -0.35

Titanium Alloy Ti 6Al-4V

Single figures are nominal except where noted
0.10 C, 5.50/6.75 Al, 0.05 N, 0.020 O, Bal. Ti, 3.50/4.50 V, 0.40 Fe, 0.015 H, 0.40

* Other, Each (Maximum) = 0.1%
** For AMS 4928 (Bar, Billet, Forgings) Hydrogen =0.0125% and Iron = 0.3%

Ti 6Al-4V is known as the "workhorse" of the titanium industry because it is by far the most common Ti alloy, accounting for more than 50% of total titanium usage. It is an alpha+beta alloy that is often used in the annealed condition, but is also heat treatable to achieve moderate increases in strength. Ti 6Al-4V offers a combination of high strength, light weight, formability and corrosion resistance, which have made it a world standard in aerospace applications, as well as medical and automotive. It is also known as ASTM B348 Grade 5.

Specifications: A5.16 (ERTi-5) (Weld Wire), AMS 4911 (Sheet, Strip, Plate), AMS 4920 (Forgings), AMS 4928 (Bar, Wire, Forgings, Ring, Annealed), AMS 4963 (Bar, Wire, Forgings, Ring, Heat Treatable), AMS 4965 (Bar, Wire, Forgings, Ring, STA), AMS 4967 (Bar, Wire, Forgings, Ring, STA), ASTM B348 (Bar, Billet), ASTM B367 (Castings), ASTM F1472 (All Forms, Annealed),
ISO 5832-3



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