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Life-changing materials

Carpenter Technology produces a range of alloys designed specifically for the rigors of orthopedic devices. Our low-cobalt stainless steels meet EU MDR standards and lead the industry in performance. Our small-diameter materials enable complex manufacturing and less invasive surgery.


High-performance, low-cobalt stainless steel alloys with superior strength and wear resistance meet the demands of new regulatory frameworks, surgical procedures, and production techniques.

  • EU MDR-Compliatn to reduce patient exposure
  • Built to withstand intense physiological conditions
  • Max strength and corrosion resistance with BioDur® 734


High-performance, small-diameter materials meet the tight tolerances required for precision medical devices and enable minimally invasive surgeries and robotic-assisted procedures.

  • Tight dimensional tolerances and diameter uniformity
  • Unprecedented end-to-end manufacturing consistency
  • Cost savings + faster patient recoveries 

Next-generation stainless alloys

Stainless. Limitless.


Low cobalt for EU MDR compliance


Breakthrough BioDur® 734

An EU MDR-compliant, nitrogen-strengthened, austenitic stainless steel, BioDur 734 is ideal for implantable orthopedic parts with improved tensile, impact, and fatigue strength, and crevice and pitting corrosion resistance over BioDur 316LS.

Low nickel for patient sensitivities


Advanced capabilities

Small diameter. Big impact.


High-performance titanium

With stringent roundness, straightness, and finish requirements, small-diameter titanium delivers tight dimensional tolerances with unprecedented consistency from end-to-end, bar-to-bar, and lot-to-lot.

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Intricate cobalt alloy forms


Powder metallurgy processing

The Micro-Melt powder metallurgy process creates BioDur CCM® material with higher strength, enhanced fatigue resistance, increased hardness, improved microstructural uniformity, and finer grain size — allowing for the production of small-diameter stock and custom shapes.


Large-scale nitinol device production


Driving orthopedic AM