UNS #S30400/S30403

304L is a low-carbon version of conventional austenitic 304. Controlling carbon of the austenitic alloy to a maximum of 0.03% minimizes carbide precipitation during welding. For use in the as-welded condition in corrosive applications. Suggested for applications requiring a moderate level of improvement in machinability for shorter runs of less complex parts, particularly at larger bar diameters.

Type Analysis

  • Carbon (Maximum) 0.03
  • Phosphorus (Maximum) 0.045
  • Silicon (Maximum) 1
  • Nickel (Nominal) 8.00-12.00
  • Manganese (Maximum) 2
  • Sulfur (Maximum) 0.03
  • Chromium (Nominal) 18.00-20.00
  • Iron (Nominal) Balance


food processing, dairy and dyeing industry applications, such as pipelines, buckets, sterilizers and other types of preparation and processing equipment

Applicable Specifications

  • AMS 5639
  • AMS 5697
  • ASTM A193
  • ASTM A314
  • ASTM A479
  • QQ-S-763
  • AMS 5647
  • ASTM A182
  • ASTM A276
  • ASTM A320
  • MIL-S-862
  • QQS-W-423




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