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4:10 PM EDT $18.21 -0.35

CT 416 Project 70®+ Stainless

UNS S41600
Composition (Nominal)
C Mn P S Si Cr Fe


1.20 0.060 0.150 1.00 12.00/14.00 Bal. 


An improved modification of CarTech No. 5, the first free-machining stainless steel. Customers report this grade achieved significantly better machinability than the conventional Type 416, including:

1. 100% to 200% longer tool life.
2. 15% faster machining speeds.
3. Improved finishes.

The low frictional properties of CarTech Project 70+ Type 416 stainless have minimized scratching and galling in service. Threaded sections have worked freely without seizing and disassembly was particularly easy because of the absence of corrosion in the threads. Pump shafts and valve stems worked more smoothly in packing, and many metal-to-metal contacts withstood more pressure without seizing. This product meets most industry specifications for Type 416.

CarTech 416 Project 70+ PDB stainless combines the superior machinability of Project 70+ stainless with improved straightness and roundness at half-standard or ISO h9 dimensional tolerances. This drawn bar has been used successfully in a variety of machining operations including CNC Swiss-type screw machines.

CarTech 416 Project 70+ stainless has been used for fittings, gears, housings, lead screws, shafts, valve bodies, valve stems, and valve trim. It may be considered for parts requiring considerable machining.

Specifications: AMS 5610, ASTM A314, ASTM A581, ASTM A582, MIL-S-52263, MIL-S-862, QQ-S-764

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