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Our focus on building strong safety programs and systems as well as increasing employee awareness and engagement have made Carpenter Technology one of the safest industrial companies in the United States. 

Safety Success
Safety Success

OUR TRIR IN FY 2022: 1.0

Carpenter Technology is one of the safest industrial companies in the United States. With a total recordable incident rate (TRIR) of 1.0 in FY22, we continue to see low reports of injuries as we come back from the COVID-19 pandemic.




Total Recordable Incident Rate**



*Total recordable incident rate is defined as OSHA-recordable incidents multiplied by 200,000, divided by total hours worked. Data from Bureau of Labor and Statistics, Incidence rates of nonfatal occupational injuries and illnesses by industry and case types, 2020.

Data available here.

**Carpenter Technology TRIR data reflect performance during fiscal year ending June 30.

Strategy & Approach

Above all else, the safety of all employees is our highest priority.

It is the shared responsibility of every employee to actively participate in all aspects of the safety program to achieve our goal to be a zero-injury workplace. We are proactive in our approach to safety, working to eliminate hazards before causing injury or harm.

We invest in our employees and engage them in finding solutions to achieve a zero-injury workplace. We focus on three areas:

1. Dedicated Leadership

Our leadership partners with employees to actively problem-solve together. Leaders are responsible for identifying and assessing potential hazards and implementing solutions to reduce risk.

2. Systems and Accountability

Our management system — including formal policies, procedures, training, and internal auditing — sets standards and expectations for our safety performance.

3. Employee Engagement

Employees are expected to actively participate in their own safety and the safety of their colleagues. Human performance training and impactful safety campaigns ensure safety topics are always top of mind.


Hand Safe

Always use devices and tools to handle loads or materials.

Human Performance

STOP; discuss pretask briefs and high-risk tasks.


No bullwork; stay within lifting guidelines.

Personal Protective Equipment & Department Checklists

Wear correct gear; check your equipment and work area; report any hazards.

Machine Guards

Always in place and free of damage or STOP.


See it, Own it, Solve it, Do it.

Employee Discussions

Daily active dialogue and listening.


Safety Campaigns

This past year, we engaged our employees through a series of campaigns that follow our Critical 7 Safety Program: 

  • "Give Safety a Hand" focuses on the prevention of hand injuries, such as pinches and lacerations
  • "Stay Out of Harm's Way" increases awareness of potential hazards, such as lighting, pedestrian walk-ways, and overhead loads.  
  • "OOPPPS? STOP. Seek Help." encourages employees to recognize when conditions are Outside of Procedures, Parameters, Process, or the Situation as expected. 
  • "Ergonomics. Everywhere." encourages attention to ergonomics in the workplace, including comfortable work postures and avoiding unreasonable amounts of effort.
  • "Zero" reinforces focus on our journey to being a zero-injury workplace. 


We empower all employees to STOP work at any time following our OOPPPS model: "Outside of Procedures, Parameters, Process, or the Situation as expected? STOP and Seek Help." Through a series of employee trainings, thoughtful leadership, and impactful campaigns, STOP event reporting increased by 150% in fiscal year 2022, demonstrating employee engagement in our collective safety goals. 

Forklift Safety

Across our industry, powered industrial vehicles such as forklifts contribute to significant workplace injuries. To mitigate the risk of injury related to vehicles such as forklifts, Carpenter Technology is developing strategies to eliminate interaction of forklifts and pedestrians, including a goal to segregate or eliminate the use of forklifts inside our facilities by 2030 through automation and workplace design opportunities. 

Home Safety Committee

Our Home Safety Committee engages Carpenter Technology families with safety information for the home, including quarterly home mailers with seasonal safety tips, home safety scavenger hunts, and an annual calendar featuring safety illustrations by children of Carpenter Technology employees. 

Carpenter-Technology-ESG-Safety-Campaigns-2022 Carpenter-Technology-ESG-Safety-Campaigns-2022

Contractor Safety

Our dedication to safety applies to everyone, including our contractors and vendors. We use a contractor safety management firm to perform safety due diligence, monitor and evaluate our contractors' health, safety, and on-site statuses, and ensure our contractors are trained to Carpenter Technology's safety standards. We fully comply with applicable federal and state health and safety regulations, and our safety management firm ensures our contractors and vendors do the same. 

Chemical Management

Chemicals introduced to the manufacturing process go through a rigorous approval process that identifies any potential risks to our employees and the environment. Periodic sampling of our sites ensures our employees are safe from any hazardous chemicals. 

Our chemical management approach also includes employee training beyond required OSHA training. Upon hire, we train employees on the chemicals with which they work and regularly re-train our employees to minimize risks related to hazardous chemicals.